SharePoint Workflow Destination Component


Custom dataflow destination component that allows starting of site workflows from SSIS. Also provides an ability to bind columns from the dataflow to workflow initiation parameters.


  1. Download lastest release
  2. Run .msi file on a computer that has SSIS 2008 intalled


1. Create a new SSIS Project
2. Add a dataflow to the design surface
3. Add the dataflow task to toolbox
4. Add Ole Db source and SharePoint Workflow Destination components to the design surface.
5. Configure the source with a query
6. Open up the editor for the destination and type in SharePoint Site name where your site workflow is deployed and click Test
7. Pick a workflow out of the list and click Test Start...
8. If your site workflow has any initiation parameters you can map them to dataflow columns on the Columns tab.

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